tour_m.jpg Name: Petra
Age: 28
Location: Ceska Lipa
Occupation: proletarian
Characteristics: It’s time for a life change!

Stories like this one can only be written by life itself. Welcome to the amazing ride that is CzechCasting! Blond Petra is a completely normal, small town girl from the north of Czech Republic… She works hard everyday at a factory, where she makes electronic parts for Skoda. She’s at work from dusk till dawn, her dreams of becoming a model and making huge amounts of money slowly dissolving in the slow tedious monotone of manufacture. She didn’t want to stop dreaming, though… so she took a vacation and went to Prague to change her life. She’s a very fine piece of ass, with the looks of a twenty year old. She’s slim and has exquisite tits. After telling us her story, she decided she’s ready to do just about anything on that legendary white couch if it helps her on her way to becoming a model. And thus she found herself impaled on the pulsing log of our cameraman, moaning and wildly thrusting with her wet pussy! What a wonderful Czech fuck! Go check it out.

WMV 1280×720 31:48 722MB

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