CZECH CASTING Veronika 2512
Name: Veronika
Age: 29
Location: Prague
Occupation: gold, jewellery and jewels
Characteristics: you know her from Playboy

Our nets brought us yet another fine catch. A blonde named Veronika from Prague. She’s a marvelous girl and has worked in the world of professional modelling for some time now. Her greatest succes being an exclusive photo-shoot for the well-known Playboy magazine. Well, that’s something new. During the interview, she showed us that she’s a highly communicative and elegant young woman with more than enough class to accomodate even the most specific of tastes. During the photo-shoot, she proved that she indeed earns her place among the elite of modelling. And gentlemen, her body?! A perfect symphony of curves! Satisfaction quaranteed. Although I guess you’re more interested in her reaction to our offer (not even Playboy can offer an offer like that! Ha!) – fucking a stranger in front of a camera for the „irresistable“ sum of five hundred Czech Crowns. That’s going to be some show, gentlemen!

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