Nurse Nikutai Kaizou Chart

The hero is a surgeon to whom a right person is said in Japan until it not is for the surgical knife handling. However, the arm was made the best use of, a large sum of medical expense was received from the politician and the financier, etc. , it had woman’s body, and work to undertake the operation that gave special human body remodeling of emulsification and the artificial penis transplant, etc. was done back.
The call was received when there was wanting to make an entreaty from the director of a certain general hospital one day. The hospital is a large-scale general hospital in suburbs, and it is said that it will boast of eminent medical facilities and the size also in Japan. The hero had proceeding according to this call. The director who met the hero immediately cuts out the talk.
This hospital has the separate building that is called a special ward. A special nurse named the subjection nurse works here, and it is said to the other party that the big-name politician and the director etc. of the big enterprise are special facilities where the nursing of the character processing etc. is given with usual nursing. However, person that has gotten tired and only the subjection nurse does the character processing nursing in patients.
I hear that the nurse who has the nature is developed, and to give the human body remodeling to the body such as remodeling of making to hugeness of the breast by using hero’s excellent surgical technology, and to develop the subjection nurse only for a special ward with the charm that not is before with the director’s request then.
The hero will receive the request readily, and develop the human body remodeling subjection nurse.

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