SSW 13 Alazne HD
Alazne: Taking Multiple Drags In A Row


Want to see a girl hungry for deep smoking? Alazne smokes 35 Luckies per day and she started to smoke when she was 13. She has developed a natural powerful smoking style: cigarettes die quickly in her fingers, it definitely seems that she “eats” them.
Alazne clearly shows you the rules for deep smoking action: multi greedy cheek hollowing drags at each time, slow but deep voluminous inhale, keeping the smoke inside to kiss your lungs, and slow exhale to release. As she avidly draws on her cigarettes, she shows you an incredibly dark stained nicotine filter! But what strikes most is her ease to smoke so deeply, she thoroughly satisfies her needs for nicotine, and it is so natural to her! And to make things perfect, Alazne has a gorgeous curvy body and a so cute face. The sound reach perfection here, as you only hear the girl “shhh” inhales, the tobacco crackling, and the massive cone exhales. The light also reveals the tremendous amount of smoke this cutie can move!

In only three cigarettes, Alazne shows you what smoking is about: intense multi drags, massive inhales, long time smoke keeping, and thick exhales to release. Cigarettes are part of her body. Rush on this video to admire a busty women in greed for smoking!

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