Czech Streets 59 Veronika

Czech Streets 59 Veronika

CzechStreets Full

Hello everyone!! I’m back, after a short break I needed to regenerate; back in full strength and in a good mood, so you have a lot to look forward to! This time I went under the Nusle Bridge with my favorite fake survey. Immediately after I started I met lovely Lucka and invited her for a cup of tea in a restaurant nearby. I stammered out my daring offer – sex for money. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Lucie told me where I should go and went home. Luckily, in that restaurant I met Veronika, the waitress who looked like sister of Anna Kournikova!! I spent about two hours chatting with her and then all of a sudden asked her to fuck me for 20,000 CZK. It took incredibly long 15 minutes before Miss Veronika made her mind, but then she let me fuck her in the bathroom of the restaurant. Enjoy this loveable waitress (Kournikova), one of the prettiest girls in the history of Czech Streets.

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Czech Streets 58 Ingrid

Czech Streets 58 Ingrid

CzechStreets Full

For this episode, I have a really special treat for you. During my regular prowling around Prague, I met a beautiful girl walking her large dog. I introduced myself as a scout for a famous modeling agency and I offered her a job. Her name is Ingrid and she’s 19 years old… My unexpected offer caught her off-guard, but she was immediately interested. Her curiosity was the right fuel for my engine of seduction. I said we should drive to the agency so my colleague can talk to her about potential work offers. We drove in her car and I started explaining what it would be much easier for her to get a job if she allowed me to try what she can do with her body. Seeing an opportunity to fuck herself a nice cozy career, she agreed almost immediately and let herself get drilled by a weird stranger right then and there on the front seats of her car! The belief, so widespread among Czech women, that their pussy is a tool to get a better job, is unbelievable. Hilarity ensues. Just see for yourselves!

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Czech Casting Renata 3480


Name: Veronika
Age: 23
Location: Prague
Occupation: restaurant manager
Characteristics: determined to have a career in management as well as erotica

Veronika is a calm person, but don’t let that first impression linger for too long. Inside, she’s wild and ready to fully enjoy life. When she got naked, we didn’t believe our eyes. She has the body of a firm sex machine, and the right approach to physicality to make the most out of it. Just watch! Continue Watching


Czech Casting Renata 3429

4356316_m.jpg Name: Renata
Age: 23
Location: Prague
Occupation: erotica model
Characteristics: an amazingly active girl with a body that could drive a man crazy

Get ready for a wild ride, because Renata is an A-list piece of beautiful butt that will leave even the most experienced Czech girl enthusiast in awe-inspired silence. This is a body worthy of worship, gentlemen. Putting these thighs, buttocks, hips and breasts to work in such a mesmerizing way is a work of art. Enough words. You should probably watch this.

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Czech Casting Monika 3438


Name: Monika
Age: 25
Location: Usti nad Labem
Occupation: assistant at an outdoor equipment shop
Characteristics: a career-focused beauty with very specific plans

Monika lives in the calmer parts of Czechia, but her soul is adventurous and her body craves action. She has an interesting body, but it’s her attitude that makes it into a sex machine. It’s amazing to know that our project attracts girls like Monika. The fact that she enjoyed doing this video for us is a great compliment. See for yourselves! Continue Watching


Czech Casting Marketa 3441

Name: Marketa
Age: 37
Location: Melnik
Occupation: on maternity leave
Characteristics: a perfect cougar and her proud partner

Marketa already has three children, but she’s the kind of girl that just doesn’t look like she gave birth to three healthy people during her life. She looks much younger than she actually is, and her proud partner takes such good care of her that he even insisted to accompany her to the casting and show us why exactly he’s so happy that she decided to make him the happy guy who can have her at home. Enjoy!

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Czech Casting Barbora 2786

4320158_m.jpg Name: Barbora
Age: 22
Location: Prague
Occupation: unemployed
Characteristics: tits that could kill

Judging a book by the cover or a woman by her appearance is shallow and not right… Who cares? The first thing you notice about Barbora are her huge tits. The second thing you will notice are probably the HUGE TITS again. And do I need to tell you what the only thing you will remember is? Barbora is a hot blonde and she will haunt you in your dreams for a long, long time. You will dream about what she did with that huge dildo and about her moaning… Wait, no spoiling here!! Look for yourself and love what you are about to see.

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Czech Casting Katerina 3436

4315162_m.jpg Name: Katerina
Age: 21
Location: Pilsen
Occupation: actress
Characteristics: hot blonde

Some girls frown when they come here, some smile a bit. Katerina was smiling all the time and that’s how she won our hearts. She won other organs too, but we’ll get to that. Katerina is no newbie in this business and you will definitely notice that. She knows what men like and she likes to tease. When she put on her glasses and smiled, our cameraman felt weak in his knees and his voice started to tremble. In other works, Katerina is a hot piece of ass and you definitely shouldn’t miss her.

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Alicia im Sperma Wunderland GGG 26527 Das Erste Mal HD
Alicia im Sperma-Wunderland GGG 26527 Das Erste Mal 720p
Alicia im Sperma-Wunderland

Das Erste Mal bei JOHN THOMPSON und schon schluckt das Luder alles runter. Blond und spermageil, das wollen wir sehen. Alicia hat schon für den nächsten Dreh unterschrieben. Gut gemacht!

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Blondinen im Piss Ring

Blondinen im Piss Ring GGG 666 Bukkake 29378
Blondinen im Piss-Ring 666 Bukkake 29378
Blondinen im Piss-Ring

Alicia und Lucie diese beiden hübschen, kleinen Säue, kämpfen sich durch den Goldregen der Jungs und pissen sich auch gegenseitig voll. Jede dieser hübschen Biester ist bemüht möglichst viel von diesem goldenen Nass zu empfangen. Ein Knaller für Freunde des Natursekts.

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Czech Amateurs 34 – Katerina & Frankey HD


My friends, it’s our great honor to present you our new couple, Katerina and Frankey. Katerina is a slim blond, a girl you will dream about for a long time. And wait to see her in action. She loves to suck, she loves to swallow, she NEVER SAYS NO!!! Isn’t that a dream girl? This video is full of hot action, there’s no time to relax because it’s just crammed with fucking, sucking and all you can think of. Do you like pissing? Well, I don’t want to spoil, but you will enjoy this video. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy this spectacular show!!!

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Czech Casting Lucie 3425


Name: Lucie
Age: 24
Location: Brno
Occupation: law student
Characteristics: horny lawyer

Lawyer filming porn? Could that be reality? It could and it is!! Today we are proud to present you Lucie, a blonde lawyer who will sentence you to long hours of sex!! This blonde angel is only studying to become a lawyer, but our cameraman has already sworn he’ll start committing crimes when she’s finished with her studies, so she could defend him. He couldn’t take his eyes of her and keeping his hands steady was a big problem too. Would you risk accusation of sexual harassment because of this girl? We certainly would…. Continue Watching