Czech Casting Martina 0403

tour_m.jpg Name: Martina
Age: 23
Location: Brno
Occupation: cook and waitress
Characteristics: Dangerous

Everyday, CzechCasting gets more views than all the casting shows in the EU combined. It’s no big surprise, really – where else could you find a real Czech girl from the streets who seeks to be a succesfull model and who’s willing to do anything to achieve her goals. Blonde Martina has traveled all the way from Moravia. This interesting little angel seemed a little shy and defensive at first, so we weren’t really sure how it would all end up. When we asked her to shoot a short presentation, she looked like she was going to throw something at us. But her dream of one day escaping the bubbling pots or maybe even travel around the world won eventually. The cameraman was still on his watch, just in case the glass of water in her hand started flying, or a foot got aimed at his nuts, but then he finaly got to fuck her properly. And Martina enjoyed it more than we expected. We think she deserves a golden spoon for her performance :-)… What do you think?

WMV 1280×720 23:53 535MB


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