Czech Casting Kristyna 3708


Name: Kristyna
Age: 22
Location: Prague
Occupation: university student
Characteristics: shy, shy and once again shy

If there were a championship in being shy, 22-years old Kristyna would definitely end up with a medal on her wonderful chest. This wonderful blonde, btw a look-a-like of one famous Czech actress (if only I could remember her name), is extraordinary not only because of her bashfulness, but also because of her wonderful eyes and perfect body. During the interview she confessed she didn’t like her studies and that if she could, she would become an aerobic trainer. Unfortunately she has no self-confidence and that makes it quite impossible. We thought it’d be a great struggle to get Kristyna naked in front of our cameraman. Luckily, this nifty fellow, photographer and cameraman in one person, was sympathetic to her and it didn’t take long until the ice of shyness were broken. Kristyna declared she was willing to do anything, but only after a few shots. However she was attracted to our cameraman like a fly to the light, so you can watch this shy girl changing into a wild sexual beast. Well, once girls get here, they never want to go back.

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