Tana Smoking and being piss off from SmokingSexies.com

” Tanja is the Queen of snap inhales and french inhales… This exotic half-thai beauty is really addicted ”


Tanja is pissed off and needs to relax and power smoke in her bedroom. She sits with open legs, showing her smooth shaved pussy and starts this video having her first long and intense drags.

As always, one cig isn’t enough to satisfy her addiction, and she goes to the bathroom to smoke her Camel’s 100. Her snaps and french inhales come naturally, as well as a couple of coughs. She can feel the smoke going inside her, down to her lungs and starts to talk about it. See how her perfect big boobs rise when she drags, as the smoke goes inside them. She’s able to do her two favorite things : smoking and showing off. Finally this young girl dangles for a long time to finish her cig, eyes half closed by the pleasure she’s having out her drags. and she instantly chains a third one, taking even bigger drags. She needs it so bad, but she’s still far from the 20 cigs she should smoke to get satisfied!

It’s soon time to get back to work, so she gets dressed in her business jacket. She lights her fourth camel to do what she always dreams of when working : smoking while exposing her tits and pussy to the customers she attends. She looks at herself in the mirror to see how to tease them the most with her sexy smoking. She’s so turned by being able to smoke for them naked, to do her best french inhales for them, to dangle for them. Two more cigarettes to be sure she can stand her long afternoon, and now she can leave. This exotic half-thai beauty is really addicted.

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