teens 3some in bed

Studio: young libertines
Video language: English
Muscular hottie Cameron fucks Jackie in front of Trey. Trey doesn’t mind the teasing – but eventually, he’s going to have to get in on the action! Cameron kisses Jackie as she plays with his cock. Trey says it’s hot being a voyeur. Cameron goes down on Jackie. “Pussy’s fucking wet!” he exclaims, then returns to eating her out. Trey strokes his cock, watching Jackie, then Cameron.
Cameron stands up to feed Jackie his cock. She swallows his dick, as Trey watches, fascinated. She spits on Cameron’s cock when he tells her to. “I am gonna fuck the shit out of you,” Cameron tells Jackie.
Jackie gets on all fours. Cameron fucks her doggy-style. He smacks her ass as he pounds her. Trey strokes his cock even faster as he watches Cameron bang Jackie. Jackie lends Trey a hand, jerking him while she gets fucked.
Cameron slows it down, and flips her over. He thrusts deep inside Jackie, kissing her as he stuffs her with every inch of his cock. Trey’s dick is rock-hard as he watches Cameron fuck Jackie. Cameron pulls out and asks if Trey wants to taste how she tastes.
Trey gets to his knees and sucks Cameron’s dick dry. “Tastes good,” he tells Cameron. Now, it’s Jackie’s turn to get teased, as Cameron plays with Trey. She fingers herself as Trey deepthroats Cameron’s dick. Cameron wants to fuck Trey doggy-style, so Trey gets on his hands and knees. Cameron slides his cock into Trey’s tight hole. Jackie plays with her tits as she watches the two guys fuck.
Trey rolls on his side. Cameron shoves his cock in sideways. Trey moans and strokes his own dick. They move into the missionary position. Cameron drills Trey harder, and tells Trey to squeeze his nipples. “Come for me, baby,” he tells Trey.
Trey blasts his load all over his abs and chest. He tells Cameron to keep fucking him. Cameron pulls out and adds his cumspray to Trey’s abs. The guys kiss and Cameron licks some of their cum off Trey’s chest.

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