The Street of Violence 2

Late night at the subway hallway, a girl waits for a train.
Suddenly, a man in work uniform appears and chases her. She tries to escape, but become trapped at the corner….and tragedy happens.

– Frame volume has increased by x3.5 from the previous work. (Around 83,000 frames + 30 fps.) It is an ultimate virgin violation animation.
– Screen size: 800 x 450 pixels. Aspect ratio: 16:9, compatible with wide screen.
– 4 times more animation compression rate compared to the previous work. Decreased HDD cost and PC stress by streaming replay.
– Chapter menu enables you to select scenes always.
– Multi-angle enables you to see the scene from various angles.
– Voiced by sporty decent girl “Satsuki Yukiya”.

File size: 401.5 MB


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