tour_m.jpgName: Iva
Age: 23
Location: Vranov
Occupation: dancer
Characteristics: priest’s daughter

Forget all those hearth-ripping scenes from soap operas; dismiss grand dramas of the silver screen, only Czechcasting brings you the real everyday thrillers. Hollywood producers would fight to death for rights to film the life story of blonde Iva. You better sit down and grab a drink, because in today’s casting there will be one shock after another. All the bummers and horrors Iva went through during her 23 years long life would be enough for dozens of people. This wild she-devil comes from a very religious family, her father is a priest! To show her good manners Iva started to sell her body and to please all perverse wishes of her clients at the age of 17. Later on she started a successful career as a dancer, offering privately very special and very intimate services above standard, for a reasonable fee, of course. The story does not end here. A few weeks ago, her boyfriend committed suicide and that made Iva decide to start filming porn. That beats cockfighting, doesn’t it? Just take a look how this untamed beast swallows the cum of our utterly perplexed cameraman.

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CzechCasting Iva 2905.part1.rar
CzechCasting Iva 2905.part2.rar
CzechCasting Iva 2905.part3.rar

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